Reduce Your Tax Bill

You can receive money back from your health expenses by completing a MED 1 form. This form can be used by PAYE employees and the self employed. You can also submit your claims online on

You must have paid or incurred the amounts claimed on treatments prescribed by or on the advice of a qualifying practitioner. Drugs and medicines can only be claimed where they have been supplied on prescription. Prescribed medicines that are ineligible under the DPS Scheme may be eligible under this scheme. You do not need to send in receipts to the Tax office with your claim, however you will need to ensure you only claim for amounts for which you hold receipts, as you may be asked for them later. We will provide you with a receipt each time we dispense a prescription. We can also issue you with an annual Med1 certificate at the end of each year – this gives a grand total for all prescriptions dispensed during the tax year.

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