Pharmony Gripe Water – 150ml



Pharmony Gripe Water contains only the finest natural ingredients. With its unique formulation, only Pharmony Gripe Water contains natural Dill and Caraway. Pharmony Gripe Water is formulated, manufactured & tested to the highest standards here in Ireland.

Key Information : 

  • Contains natural Dill & Caraway are members of the carminative family of Herbs.
  • These herbs have for centuries been used in preparations such as teas & drinks to help gentally facilitate the expulsion of gastrointestinal gas, thereby combatting flatulence.
  • Pharmony Gripe Water is very simple. It contains Caraway & Dill natural oils in a simple to use bottle and syringe to help administer safely in times when it needs to be given quickly but safely.
  • Suitable for all the family but especially for babies of + 1 month and above. Pharmony Gripe Water contains no harmful ingredients.

What’s in the Box :

  •  Every carton contains with a 150ml bottle of product & a measuring device to help administer it correctly.

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