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Posted in Health on 26th January 2021

Health has never been so talked or typed about.  Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit our shores we have never been more conscious or more concerned with our health.  This is not a bad thing!  We have learned so much in such a small space of time about what nutrients our bodies need to function optimally, and many of us have redefined what healthy is.

Optimum Health is a state of complete well-being. As our own WHO (World Health Organization) defines; Optimal Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  This past year has paused the world and allowed many of us to change our habits and our lifestyles in order to live a healthier life.  This may include a change of career, a change of pace, a change of diet or a change of certain habits.

This January, I have taken the opportunity to pause and reflect on what healthy now means to me and my family and put some intentions in place on how to take a healthier approach to 2021 and beyond.  Resolutions of a sort, but all focussed on Optimum Health…

Drink more water.  Drinking enough water is the first rule of nutrition and health.  Our bodies are made up of 60% water and being dehydrated can affect us both physically and mentally.  I fill a large 2L bottle each morning and try to finish it before the day is out. On my run days this is no problem, but some days I find I’m just not as inclined to finish my 2L.  Having the bottle as a guide really does encourage me to reach the goal each day.

Exercise 5 times per week.  I love running, but I have to admit this last year has been so busy on the work front, that making time for regular running has slipped down my list of priorities.  Running helps me to keep physically fit and healthy, but it also clears my mind and helps me to focus my thoughts.  If I have a big decision to make, I always reach the conclusion after a long run.  Running is not for everybody, but I firmly believe there is an exercise out there for everybody…. be it swimming, yoga or walking to name a few.  Find the right one for you and it will become a treat rather than a chore.

Take good care of my skin.  Our skin is our largest organ and I am 100% guilty of neglecting the skin on my body much more than my face.  I have all sorts of lotions and potions to use from my neck up but from my neck down often gets ignored.  I have committed to daily body brushing before my shower and applying a mixture of body oils and creams after my shower.  Body brushing stimulates circulation, breaks down cellulite and preps the skin for absorbing the moisture from your after shower products.  Currently I use Clarins Tonic Body Oil and Clarins Body Moisture Milk.  Investing in good quality body care definitely encourages me to stick to this routine, and the results are almost instantaneous.  Plus I am now firmly of the school of thought that saving anything for a special occasion is ludicrous, every day is a special occasion.

Tidying my house.  Due to the heavy workload of the past year, my house has descended into an untidy, unkempt mess!!  I love organisation and having a place for everything so I have committed to a huge tidying festival (as per Marie Kondo!!) this January.  A tidy house for me equals a calm mind and this hugely helps my mental health!

Staying connected to friends.  The Covid-19 pandemic has left many people feeling lonely and isolated.  The lack of social outings has given us little or no opportunity to meet friends and have those social engagements we so badly need.  Zoom has become a mainstay in our house as a means to keep in touch with friends and family.

Taking my daily supplements. When I commit to adding a supplement into my regime it can take a while to stick!  When I do consistently take my supplements, I can see and feel the difference.  My skin is clearer, my eyes are brighter, I have more energy and my tummy is settled.  My daily supplement routine is as follows;


Symprove Probiotic; This is my favourite probiotic and I see immediate benefits to my digestive system when I am on it.  Quite simply, the bacteria in Symprove are Live & Active unlike other probiotics. Conventional probiotic supplements which are usually sold in capsules, tablets or powders contain freeze dried bacteria, which renders the bacteria inactive until they can rehydrate in the body and become reactivated. When you consume a probiotic, it will pass through the stomach first, followed by the small and large intestine, where it will then begin to colonise and grow. Unfortunately, the stomach contains very powerful acid which often destroys these freeze dried and inactive bacteria before they even reach the large intestine.

Symprove is different as it contains live & active bacteria and this means that when you pour your daily dose of Symprove, the bacteria you are consuming are active and ready to go – not freeze dried. I take Symprove Probiotic first thing in the morning, at least 10 minutes before any other food or drink to allow it to reach the gut without harm.  The acid levels in our tummies are lowest first thing in the morning so ensures optimum benefit.


Revive Active; I cannot say enough about this supplement.  My husband and I take this daily and if we run out we can both feel the difference after 2 to 3 days.  It is packed with 26 active ingredients specially formulated to support your immune system, your heart and circulatory system, and your energy levels.  Recommended for people over 35 years (giving away my age here!), as it contains CoQ10 for energy synthesis and Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Folate, Copper, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Thiamine and Vitamins K2 & B12 to support heart health.

Liposomal Vitamin C; The majority of Vitamin C products are either desiccated tablets or effervescent products. While these products generally contain 1g of Vitamin C, the body only absorbs about 7-8% of the total amount. Liposomes are spherical shells made up of a double layer of fatty acids similar to the natural layer that makes up the outer membrane of the body’s cells. The absorption rate of liposomal Vitamin C reaches up to 85%!  Vitamin C benefits our immune system, energy and skin.  I add this into my Revive Active and it is delicious!

BetterYou DLux 3000 IU Oral Spray; The benefits of Vitamin D have been widely reported over the past year or so.  Before then, many of us didn’t realise the importance of this fat soluble vitamin.  In fact, adequate levels of Vitamin D have been seen to result in more favourable recovery from Covid-19 infections.  Not alone the Covid virus, but adequate Vitamin D levels can support our bodies defences against all viral and bacterial infections.  I use the DLux 3000IU spray and I give the Junior DLux to my kids.

BetterYou B12 BBoost Oral Spray; I tend to stick to a mostly vegetarian diet and so I need to supplement with Vitamin B12.  This oral spray delivers 1200µg of B12 along with 100% of your recommended amount of chromium. Vitamin B12 has been proven to help reduce tiredness and fatigue and contributes to normal function of the immune system. Clinically proven superior absorption to traditional tablets and capsules, this oral spray combination is delivered directly into the mouth, quickly entering the bloodstream for the ultimate in bio-availability and convenience.


If you are interested in sampling my daily supplement routine, we have created the Ultimate Health Bundle!

Included in the bundle are;

1 x week supply of Symprove Probiotic

1 x week supply of YourZooki Liposomal Vitamin C

1 x BetterYou Vitamin D3 3000IU oral spray

1 x BetterYou Vitamin B12 oral spray

This pack allows you to sample one weeks supply of both the Symprove and the Liposomal Vitamin C, two of the more expensive of my daily supplements.  We understand the initial investment in these is quite steep, and so have produced our Ultimate Health Bundle to allow you to try them for a week and see the benefits before making a larger investment.

The Ultimate Health Bundle is worth €59, but you can purchase it for only €49!

In spite of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and all the difficulties we are experiencing as a result, I am determined to make 2021 a happy and healthy year!

Every best wish,

Nuala x

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