Nicorette 15mg Inhaler 4 Cartridges



Nicorette Inhalator lets you take control of your smoking and get on the right road to quitting for good. It provides a rush of nicotine and keeps your hands busy. Taking nicotine replacements instead of smoking cigarettes has been proven to be an effective way of reducing dependence on tobacco. Although nicotine is not entirely without undesirable effects, eliminating cigarettes by taking nicotine containing products spares you from the many other toxic contents of tobacco, including tar, benzene and carbon monoxide. As we have now known for many decades, these smoking-related toxins have a devastating effect on the body, particularly on the lungs. Diseases such as emphysema, bronchitis and lung cancer are directly linked to smoking and end many lives prematurely. Use Nicorette to satisfy your nicotine cravings while weaning yourself off cigarettes, and quit smoking for good.

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    This pack contains 1 Inhalator and 20 Nicotine Inhalation Cartridges Each Cartridge contains 15mg Nicotine and also Menthol

    Directions: For adults and children 12 years and over. Insert the cartridge into plastic mouthpiece (as directed), inhale through mouthpiece as required, using a maximum of 6 cartridges per day. Before use please read the information leaflet carefully.

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