Hylo-Dual Eye Drops 7.5ml


Hylo-Dual Eye Drops relieve inflamed or irritated eyes.

They provide intensive lubrication of  the cornea and conjunctiva and prevent the excessive evaporation of the tear film.


The dual mode of action of sodium hyaluronate and ectoine in Hylo-Dual Eye Drops provides intensive lubrication of  the cornea and conjunctiva and prevents excessive evaporation of the tear film. This stabilises the tear film, especially that of the lipid layer, and relieves irritated eyes. Therefore, the symptoms of inflammation or those caused by allergy, like burning and itching, disappear.

The Hyl0-Dual Eye Drops contain ectoine and 0.05 % sodium hyaluronate provided in the COMOD® device.


  • Stabilise the tear film’s lipid layer
  • Relieve symptoms of inflammation and allergy
  • Are preservative and phosphate free
  • Compatible with contact lenses

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    Hylo-Dual contain 0.05% sodium hyaluronate to lubricate the eye and 2% Ectoin to help stabilise the tear

    HYLO®-DUAL should be applied 3 times a day but it can be used more often without hesitation in cases of more serious discomfort.

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