How to apply Dry Shampoo the Right Way!

Posted in News on 6th February 2021

Because, like so many, I’ve been doing it all wrong.



Dry shampoo has long been the blowdry-prolonging, cool-texture-supplying patron saint of my haircare. But despite having used it day in and day out for years, I recently came to the realization that I had no idea what I was doing.


Having been recently introduced to the wonderful, award winning Klorane range of Dry Shampoos I have spent some time getting the whole procedure right for my hair!  And with many of us lockdowned at home, the benefits of stretching out the time between washes has us all reaching for the Dry Shampoos!


1)  Spray the Hairline

Starting with dry, dirty hair, begin by spraying your hairline around the face, ensuring that you’ve got *at least* a couple of inches between the tip of the dry shampoo can and your face. Plus, you’re not depositing too much product—a couple of seconds should cover your entire hairline.

Side note:  I’m loving Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle for Oil Control. This is a unique combination of Nettel Extract with oil controlling propertiesand highly absorbent powders.  Oil is absorbed, hair is clean and light in 2 minutes and full of volume… whats not to love?

2) Separate Hair Into Sections

To give your hair an all-over, shower-fresh feel, you must divide and conquer by parting the hair into sections. The key is to let your pointer finger be your guide by aligning it with your ear, then separating your hair into the back and front parts.

3) Show *All* Your Roots Some Love

Take 1-2 inch sections parallel to your natural part and spray your roots. Continue towards the back, taking horizontal sections, then flipping them to the other side of your head, and stacking them on one another. The goal is to spray all of your roots, but again, without depositing too much powder. Ideally, it appears translucent on your strands.

4) Blend, Shake It Out, and Flip

For added volume and a more fluid set, flip your hair upside down, then use your fingers to blend the powder, shake out your roots, and allow the dry shampoo to move towards your ends.

5) Brush to Perfection

As you can see above, when you finally flip your hair over, it’s going to need a bit of smoothing out. To do so without flattening the hair, gently glide an oval, mixed-bristle brush through your strands from roots to tips.  Leave your hair down for at least 20 minutes to allow the product to settle!  Then you can style however you like and off you go to your home office!

With 20% off the whole range for the month of February, there has never been a better time to up your Dry Shampoo game!

Use the code AK20 at the checkout…

Every best wish,




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