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Covid-19 Q and A

Covid-19 Vaccine Q & A For the purpose of this Q & A I will focus on the AstraZeneca Vaccine as it is the one I will be administering....

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What to eat for beautiful skin!

How do you get beautiful skin? Discover what food to eat Natural tips Our skin is very often a reflection of our diet. What you put on your plate...

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Optimum Health

Posted in Health on 26th January 2021

Health has never been so talked or typed about.  Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit our shores we have never been more conscious or more concerned with our health.  This...

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Let the Sunshine In! What you need to know about Vitamin D

Posted in Health on 27th May 2020

Vitamin D is important for the development of healthy bone, muscles and teeth and low levels are linked to illnesses including rickets in children and osteoporosis in adults. Evidence...

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