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Returning to School Again

Posted in News on 23rd March 2021

Whether it’s their first day in school,  their return after a holiday, or getting back to the classroom after Covid-related closures, all children need some extra care to protect...

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Covid-19 Vaccine Update – Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Approved by EMA

Covid-19 Update- Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Approved by the EMA 11/3/21 On March 11th 2021, the European Medicines Agency granted authorisation to the fourth Covid-19 vaccine, the Johnson and...

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Covid-19 Q and A

Covid-19 Vaccine Q & A For the purpose of this Q & A I will focus on the AstraZeneca Vaccine as it is the one I will be administering....

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How to apply Dry Shampoo the Right Way!

Posted in News on 6th February 2021

Because, like so many, I’ve been doing it all wrong.     Dry shampoo has long been the blowdry-prolonging, cool-texture-supplying patron saint of my haircare. But despite having used it day in...

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What to eat for beautiful skin!

How do you get beautiful skin? Discover what food to eat Natural tips Our skin is very often a reflection of our diet. What you put on your plate...

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Optimum Health

Posted in Health on 26th January 2021

Health has never been so talked or typed about.  Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit our shores we have never been more conscious or more concerned with our health.  This...

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