Artelac 3.2mg/ml Eye Drops Solution 10ml



Artelac contains the active ingredient hypromellose which acts as a lubricant to treat symptoms of dry eye. It is a soothing solution that is used as an artificial tear when the eyes are lacking in tears.
Your eyes will normally produce just enough natural tears to allow them to move easily and comfortably. If your eyes do not produce enough tears they can become dry, red and painful.
Your drops keep the surface of the eye lubricated (moist) when production of tears is less than normal, and has a refreshing, cooling action. The hypromellose in these drops increases the thickness of the solution which has a moisturising effect and helps the solution to stay in contact with your eye for a longer period of time.
Artelac can be used by children, adults and the elderly.

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    Each 1ml of solution contains: 3.2mg of hypromellose (equivalent to hypromellose 0.32%w/v)

    Wash your hands before using your drops. Unless otherwise directed, instill 1 drop into the conjuctivial sac (corner of the eye, nearest the nose) 3 to 5 times per day or as required, to provide sufficient lubrication. Wearers of contact lenses should remove their lenses before Artelac® is administrated and should wait for at least 15 minutes before they insert them again.

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